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IBIS celebrating 20 years of working in broadcast around the world

11th February 2011: 2011 sees IBIS celebrating 20 years of supplying Media Asset Management systems to major broadcasters around the world.

Building on two decades of channel launches, the continuing transition from analogue to digital and SD, HD and 3D workflows IBIS has built up a solid core of media experience. Broadcasters, news providers and post production houses have benefitted from IBIS applications to produce effective workflows – from acquisition of new media, through management of media and metadata, to archiving video and audio, to playing it to air.

The recent launch of
iFind sees IBIS’s web-based MAM solution moving firmly into the mainstream. Controlling acquisition of media, metadata management, the production of live highlights for fast turnaround production, growing browse file workflows and archive, iFind 4 builds on such experience.

process of management media has changed rapidly over the past two decades, but essentially the workflow has remained broadly the same:

    The process described above has been happening in one form or another since television began. The big difference in the past ten years has been the explosion of disk based storage for media, negating the need to hold thousands of tapes in a broadcast facility. IBIS has grown and adapted with the industry to be able to offer media asset management to be able to Capture, Create and Deliver in the tapeless environment:

      As IBIS enters its third decade we are committed to all of the above in order to offer in the best service and the fastest ROI in the most dynamic of global industries.

      There are on line demos of iFind and more information about this innovative MAM system at the recently re-launched website