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CBN, Virginia goes to air with IBIS

NAB, April 2009:  The Christian Broadcasting Network based in Virginia, has taken delivery of an IBIS MOS News gallery playout system.

Installed at the broadcasters’ Virginia Beach facility the IBIS software gives the USA’s first television ministry a more efficient news playout operation.  This means stories get to air faster with fewer manual processes, thereby reducing the margin for error. The IBIS ServerPlay MOS application is installed in the main CBN TV news gallery where production staff can rely on the benefits of a MOS news workflow to keep the on-air running order in line with the editorial running order in their ENPS system.

For the television production team at CBN, this is a new workflow with their ENPS system to which IBIS was able to bring many years of experience of MOS control. In IBIS’s in depth knowledge of Omneon videoserver control, helped to ensure this transition was as stress free as possible. 

ENPS run downs are made MOS active in ServerPlay which then mirrors any changes made to the run down in the newsroom so the playout gallery stays in step. ServerPlay also reports on the availability of news clips on using placeholders to ‘hold’ a slot in the rundown whilst a late edit is completed.  ServerPlay continually monitors the Omneon Spectrum playout videoserver, automatically populating placeholders with media as soon as it appears on the tx server.  

CBN’s Director of Engineering Kent Denton says, “We are very excited about the efficiencies that we will gain through the use of the IBIS ServerPlay.  The automated processes will allow us to bring our news product to air faster, while providing more flexibility in making last minute changes in our newscasts.”