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5 May 2010:  TSL will include the IBIS “iFind” media asset management platform in a new HD playout facility currently being installed for ESPN STAR Sports’ (ESS) 73,000 square-foot broadcast facility in Singapore.

TSL has completed pre-build for the first two new HD channels, the first scheduled to go live in June. The system is designed to accommodate expansion to six channels and ESS has already ordered a third channel to go on air in July.

According to TSL Managing Director David Phillips, “We evaluated multiple media asset management solutions in order to find one that was the right fit for ESPN STAR Sports’ workflow and the IBIS offering was clearly the most appropriate system for this project.”

The new ESS iFind MAM system includes IBIS’s “iAcquire”, which controls the acquisition and redirection of material from multiple sources to multiple destinations. iAcquire includes tools to ingest from tape; via lines feed with router control; or by file transfer. Recordings can be started instantly for the fast turn-around situations required of live sport as well as being scheduled in advance using the iAcquire Scheduler application. As material is ingested, operators at IBIS iLogger workstations can tag the incoming sports events with appropriate, validated metadata which is held with the media throughout its editorial life cycle.

IBIS Chief Technical Officer John Haselwood said, “TSL is a world leader in systems integration and we have enjoyed working closely with them on the precise technical specifications required for ESS. This new HD playout facility is state-of-the-art and we are pleased to again be working with TSL to incorporate an integrated, flexible media management system that will benefit ESS for years to come.”

The IBIS “iFind” broadcast media optimisation platform is a multi-device search tool that provides intuitive, intelligent, system-wide search capabilities for valuable clip metadata. The iFind interface also enables the user to work with the associated browse proxies generated on ingest by trusted partners like ipv to create a shot list before exporting an EDL in XML format to edit on Final Cut Pro.

The iAcquire workstation running on the platform can be used to trim the in and out points of material; review material just loaded; add automation metadata at the point of ingest, or later on the server; or call up a clip and review it in jog/shuttle mode.