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IBIS announces iFind MAM compatibility with OCTOPUS Newsroom

10th December 2010: IBIS and OCTOPUS Newsroom have completed tests to prove that IBIS iFind Media Asset Management client operated successfully with OCTOPUS6 NRCS at its Ranmore facility.

IBIS and OCTOPUS Newsroom tested the integration of the two applications at IBIS’s Ranmore facility. The iFind Media Search engine was used in a MOS workflow to find available media in the OCTOPUS6 run down.  The browse copy of the media located by iFind can be viewed at the journalist workstation within the OCTOPUS6 user interface.

Commenting on the development, IBIS CTO John Haselwood said “This integration clearly demonstrates the power of iFind working with such a flexible and popular newsroom. The Octopus interface still functions perfectly but with the addition of the powerful iFind media search, management and video browsing being available to everyone in the editorial workflow. This is a major development for our two systems working together and will be of enormous help to Octopus clients wishing to add affordable and elegant media management”.

Jan Pulpan added “We constantly work towards strengthening and improvement of broadcasters' options. The actual testing of iFind and OCTOPUS6 was accomplished in around 10 minutes. The systems seemed to work 'out of the box'. iFind MAM is an excellent solution that brings the convenience of a complete media management directly to OCTOPUS6 user's desktop and we are happy to be partners with IBIS”.