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WBOC, Maryland goes live with IBIS

Ranmore, UK, 14th April 2009: WBOC based in Maryland, has taken delivery of an IBIS MOS News gallery playout system.

Installed at the WBOC-TV’s Salisbury Maryland facility, the IBIS software completes the news workflow between an ENPS NRCS, Omneon Spectrum HD server and Thomson Grass Valley’s Ignite system.  The IBIS MOS application provides the essential gateway between the Ignite system and the NRCS. This means stories get to air faster with fewer manual processes, thereby reducing the margin for error. The IBIS ServerPlay MOS application is installed in the main WBOC news gallery, where production staff can rely on the benefits of a MOS news workflow to keep the on-air running order in line with the editorial running order in their ENPS system.

For the team at WBOC, this is a new workflow with their ENPS system to which IBIS was able to bring many years of experience of MOS control. 

ENPS run downs are made MOS active in ServerPlay, which then mirrors any changes made to the run down in the newsroom, so that the playout gallery stays in step. Additionally, ServerPlay reports on the availability of news clips using placeholders to ‘hold’ a slot in the rundown. Through this continuous monitoring of the Omneon server, ServerPlay automatically populates placeholders with media as soon as it appears on the transmission server.  

The project was integrated by The Systems Group (TSG) of Hoboken, NJ. Raoul Edwards of TSG “IBIS was able to take a mature product, fine tune it a bit further, and provide the missing link between Omneon and TGV’s Ignite. With IBIS prior experience with MOS, there was little risk in this highly automated solution. WBOC along with IBIS have now taken the Ignite systems to a new level”.

For IBIS, the project installation was handled by Mike Potter based out of IBIS’ US office at Stamford, CT.  Mike enjoyed working with TSG and WBOC – “Getting the MOS workflow sorted with Ignite handling the playout via our MOS Gateway was a challenge.  Usually IBIS would be controlling the playout too – ServerPlay is used by hundreds of channels around the world to play their news to air via MOS. So to act as a broker between ENPS and another playout application was a first for us.  We got there thanks to the hard work and understanding of everyone involved”.