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Wall to wall IBIS MAM presentations underway

19th October 2010:  IBIS is running a series of presentations and workshops for System Integrators and Partners at its Ranmore demo facility.

The presentations are very much hands on with the opportunity not only to observe the complete range of IBIS fast turnaround production tools in action, but to participate in selecting and logging points of interest which go towards producing a highlights package, ready for air.

Working in conjunction with the iFind Media search engine, iLogger captures validated metadata against a live event.  This metadata is immediately searchable via the iFind Web Client, giving instant media access to production staff across their facility.  The video clips ‘grabbed’ from a growing browse file produce a ‘cuts only’ edit and an EDL for seamless integration with Apple Final Cut Pro.  This workflow is based on the recently completed IBIS MAM installation at ESPN Star Sports in Singapore where iFind is central to the first turnaround of highlights from the English Premier League football (amongst other live sporting events).

Marketing Director Andrew Winter says “I am delighted with the overwhelming response to the many invitations sent out.  With the increasing demand for tapeless workflows it’s gratifying to be able to demonstrate such a successful one here at Ranmore.  We’ve had some extremely positive feedback already and thanks to our partners at iPV, Omneon and Courtyard we’re able to run a full two weeks of presentations.”