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Multiple Port Server Playout
ServerPlay provides control of clip playout from multiple video server ports. A maximum of 8 playout ports can be supported across one or more servers. Servers supported include Quantel, Omneon, Grass Valley and EVS.
Sophisticated MOS Integration
Serverplay provides a comprehensive interface to MOS based News Room Control Systems. It provides server contents information, receives news rundowns and returns full status. All edit operations on the newsroom system are immediately reflected in the ServerPlay rundown.
Flexible Playlist Editing
In addition to MOS based editing, playlists are fully editable locally on ServerPlay. SImple drag and drop operations all playlists/rundowns to be built and amended. Changes can be made at any time - event seconds before an item goes to air.
Multiple Playout Modes
The primary playout mode of ServerPlay is for news and sports news type operations where single clips are played to air by operator action. ServerPlay supports playing any clip in any order at any time and is not restricted to the order in the playlist. It also supports playing blocks of clips and looping clips or sections of a playlist.
Soft Trimming of Clips
ServerPlay can play clips as complete items or between specified in and out points. It thus supports 'virtual' clip type operations. In and out points are soft and can be changed at any time and can be varied for different instances of a clip within a playlist.
Server Clip Listings
ServerPlay displays a fully sortable and searchable list of server contents. This can be direct or via iFind. New clips appear automatically in the clip list as they are ingested.
ServerPlay provides complete support for Placeholders whereby late arriving material can be included in a playlist. Such placeholders can be created either within the iFind system or the MOS News Room System. ServerPlay displays the status for these clips and updates automatically when the clip arrives on the server.
As-run Log
A full as-run log can be generated by ServerPlay. This can be used for reconciliation purposes.
Hardware Panels
ServerPlay supports dedicated and configurable playout panels and server control hardware panels which include transport and jog/shuttle controls.
ServerPlay in Action