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iAcquire - iFind ingest tools
Scheduled and Crash Recording
iAcquire Manager provides an easy to use Calendar style display for the scheduling of live recordings and/or the initiation of crash recordings. It supports multiple ingest streams to multiple servers and ports.
VTR and XDCAM Video Ingest
iAcquire VTR Ingest supports frame accurate operation of VTRs and XDCAM decks for video acquisition to a wide range of video servers and storage systems. The User Interface provides easy to use transport controls for both VTR and Server.
File Ingest
iAcquire and iFind support file ingest of a variety of media file formats. Optional interfaces to transcode systems allow for fully automated conversion of media to a common storage format.
Metadata Capture
iAcquire includes extensive metadata input capabilities to allow capture of as much information as possible at the point of ingest. It also supports placeholder style operations where ingest requirements are created on third-party systems or within the iFind asset management system
Router Control
iAcquire interfaces to video/audio routers to provide fully automated switching of sources to the appropriate server encoder port.
Hardware control panels available
Optional hardware control panels are available which include VTR style jog-and-shuttle wheels and full transport control. These panels can be used for both VTR and server control.
Multiple Audio Track Support
iAcquire supports the acquisition of multiple audio tracks and includes the ability to 'tag' such tracks with identity (e.g. language) information.
Browse Proxy Creation
Automatic creation of browse quality proxies are supported in a variety of formats according to requirements. Creation of active browse from material as it is being recorded is also fully supported
iAcquire in Action