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iFind - a new generation of asset management software
Track and manage assets across your system
iFind will track and allow you to manage material across all industry leading video servers, file servers and digital archive systems. iFind utilises the native software interfaces for each device (where available) to provide the very best features and performance. Multiple instances of the same material are supported across multiple devices and locations.
Auto-discovers content regardless of ingest method
iFind capitalises on the native interface support to automatically register material as it arrives on each storage device. There is no need for restrictive workflows nor a requirement to only ingest material through IBIS applications. Regardless of how material arrives on a storage device iFind will spot it, associate it with other instances and make it visible through the Web based user interface.
Supports online, offline, digital and physical content
As well as tracking digital media on online and near line devices, iFind will allow management of physical media such as tapes and provides barcode reading capabilities where these are used.
Supports multiple media types
iFind will track a wide variety of video material in both high resolution and proxy style resolution formats. It is also possible to manage other associated media files such as sub-titles, stills and audio files.
Advanced Web browser based user interface
The iFind user interface uses the latest technology to present itself within a standard Web browser providing a desktop application like experience in form, function and performance. Compatible with both PC and MAC clients, this interface allows access to the system form anywhere that has intranet or internet access to the iFind servers.
Configurable metadata fields and forms
As well as an extensive native metadata set, iFind can be configured to include customer specific data which can be fully integrated into the UI and is searchable using the functions as the standard data
Powerful search capabilities
iFind includes extensive data searching capabilities that allow the user to search an extensive combination of specific metadata fields. In addition it offers a full free-text search capability across most data held within the system to allow searching of unstructured text such as synopsis, descriptions etc.
Fast Turnaround and Active WorkFlow
iFind combines a number of features to offer a uniquely powerful solution for fast turn around operations such as News and Sports. The ability to manage and edit material while it still being recorded will bring significant competitive advantage to your operation
Browse Video at your Desktop
iFind allows users to view, log and shot select video material directly from their desktop. It supports a variety of browse video formats so as well as iFind's own browse material, third-party created video is also accessible from the iFind web client. With our active workflow options, simple cuts only editing with preview can be done from the browse copies.
Configurable business rules, workflow management, media movement
The sophisticated iFind Rules engine provides configurable business and management rules to improve efficiency, increase accuracy and automate material movement.
Exclusive Audio Mining search option
iFind, optionally, provides an innovative audio search capability. Unlike other systems, iFind does not convert audio to text but rather allows direct, phonetic based search of all audio within the system using any combination of words and phrases and takes the user directly to the resulting audio elements.
Document Management
Alongside standard broadcast media, iFind also allows management of text base documents in a wide variety of standard formats such as contracts, scripts, press releases etc. These documents can be freely searched for any text and the results displayed in the original document format.
iFind in Action